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Ralph Hepola – Heptones

1. Minuet 01:17
2. Le Cirque Nouveau (The New Circus) 03:12
3. You Leave Me Breathless 05:23
4. Somethin's Slippin' 03:54
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Ralph Hepola, tuba; John Warner Jensen, piano & digital keyboard

1) Minuet by Johann Sebastian Bach

2) Le Cirque Nouveau (The New Circus) by Ralph Hepola

3) You Leave Me Breathless by Frederick Hollander & Ralph Freed, 1938

4) Somethin’s Slippin’ by Ralph Hepola

5) La Samba De Quintas (The Samba of Fifths) by Ralph Hepola

6) Money by Roger Waters / Pink Floyd

recorded in 2002 at Wild Sound Recording Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota; copyright 2002

The tuba heard on this recording is a very small F tuba, which was built for William Bell by King (The H.N. White Company) of Cleveland, Ohio. A native of Iowa, Bill Bell played in the John Philip Sousa Band before becoming Arturo Toscanini’s tubaist in the NBC Symphony and the principal tubaist in the New York Philharmonic. Mr. Bell owned this instrument until 1966.

Genre: eclectic/contemporary jazz
Publisher: Spectrum Recordings
Label: Spectrum Recordings CD 190101
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