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Route 3 – An American Musical Journey

1. Blue Skies 03:00
2. Second Hand Rose 02:40
3. I'm Just Wild About Harry 02:34
4. Lulu's Back In Town 02:50
5. Moonglow 03:41
6. Mister Sandman 02:28
7. Look What They've Done To My Song Ma 01:59
8. The Birth Of The Blues 04:28
9. The Big Butter And Egg Man 02:35
10. Some Of These Days 02:26
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Route 3
Teri Parker-Brown, vocals and percussion

LeRoy Larson, 1929 Gibson Granada tenor banjo, vocals and mandolin

Ralph Hepola, circa 1917 York helicon and percussion

plus special guest Bud Burniece, clarinet, vocals and soprano saxophone

recorded on February 17 & 20, 1998 at Malchow, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota; copyright 1998

1) Alexander’s Ragtime Band by Irving Berlin, 1911
2) Blue Skies by Irving Berlin, 1927
3) Strike Up the Band by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, 1927

the 1870s
4) Golden Slippers by James A. Bland, 1879

the Turn of the Century
5) After the Ball by Charles K. Harris, 1892

the Roaring Twenties
6) Second Hand Rose by James F. Hanley, lyrics by Grant Clarke, 1921
7) Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue by Ray Henderson, lyrics by Sam M. Lewis & Joe Young, 1925 and Charleston by Cecil Mack & James Johnson, 1923
8) I’m Just Wild About Harry by Eubie Blake, lyrics by Noble Sissle, 1921

the 1930s
9) Lulu’s Back in Town by Harry Warren, lyrics by Al Dubin, 1935

the Swing Era
10) Moonglow by Will Hudson, Eddie De Lange & Irving Mills, 1934

the 1950s
1) Mister Sandman by Pat Ballard, 1954

12) Look What They’ve Done to My Song Ma by Melanie Safka, 1970

in the Sunny South
13) Swanee by George Gershwin, lyrics by Irving Caesar, 1919
14) The Birth of the Blues by Ray Henderson, lyrics by B. G. DeSylva, Lew Brown, 1926

a bit of classic jazz
15) Copenhagen by Charlie Davis, 1924

on Broadway in New York City
16) Together Wherever We Go (from Gypsy) by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, 1959

17) In the Garden by C. Austin Miles, 1912
18) The Big Butter and Egg Man by Sidney Clare, Cliff Friend & Joseph H. Santley, 1926
19) Some of These Days by Shelton Brooks, 1910

Genre: traditional jazz: see track list for details
Publisher: Spectrum Recordings
Label: Spectrum Recordings CD 180301
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